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These Four Apps Turn Your Phone Into Your Workout Buddy | Techhive

The app offers social network-like features, such as Fit Status updates, motivation updates (tap a chart to record how motivated you arethink of it like a mood indicator), and click here photos (for recording your growing six pack, naturally). You can also add and follow friends, for motivation or inspiration on your fitness journey. Friends are different from followers: Anyone can follow you (and you can follow anyone), but only friends will share that mutual connection. BodySpace isnt just a social network. Its also got an exercise database, a workout program database, and a direct link to the BodyBuilding.com store. And while theres no direct competition (no leaderboards or achievements), just seeing your friends log their lifts can certainly kick your competitive spirit into gear. Your phone is your workout buddy Working out with a partner is great, but working out with your phone can be even better. Think about it: These apps let you find people from all over the world who match you in strength, speed, and skill, which means youll always feel challenged (no matter how good you get). They also let you work out with the partner of your choice, whether that partner lives one town over or across the world.
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